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The Management Models Pocketbook - Mike ClaytonThe Management Models Pocketbook

Ten of the best management models – some may be familiar: some may be less so.

Each one is presented clearly and concisely, as described by its originator, with a critical commentary and practical tips.

This is a great resource for managers and trainers alike

“If I wanted to know about the essence of leadership or motivational theory,
or even just how to communicate more effectively, this is the book I would turn to.”
Adam Wynyard, Ministry of Justice, Justice Academy


The book is divided into four sections.
It contains ten chapters, each covering an important and practical management model:

There is a foreword by Dr Peter Honey.

Leading People at Work
1. Leadership Continuum

2. Action Centred Leadership
3. Group Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
Motivating People at Work
4. Expectancy Theory

5. Motivational Needs
Understanding People at Work
6. Transactional Analysis

7. NLP Model of Communication
8. Power Bases
Being Effective at Work
9. Urgent versus Important

10. OODA Loop

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“With so many daily challenges faced by managers, this book is a great way to
refresh and enthuse yourself with some great management model thinking
– a pocket-sized gem for managers.”
Perry Timms, Head of Organisational Development, Big Lottery Fund


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